Bison Hump Roast

Prized and famed for its luxurious flavors and scarcity within the animal kingdom, the Bison Hump Roast has long been considered a delicacy by many of the people who associate themselves with the nostalgic Bovine. 

The Hump Roast is indigenous to very few animals throughout the world, all of which seem to have at some point, been cherished for the roasts unique characteristics. Being a well exercised muscle, responsible for the movement of this animal's massive head, the bison hump can seem a rather daunting task to undertake; so much so that some often overlook it’s true beauty. The muscle contains a fair amount of connective tissue and silver skin, which if improperly handled can lead to a tough and stringy undesirable meal. Here is a quick guide to success.

3 Key Tips to handling the Hump

  • Clean the roast of any excess fat, glands or undesirable tissue.

  • Truss (means to tie) a roast, keep it tight and uniform as you tie your knots to ensure an even cooking temperature.

  • Slow and Low. Allow the roast the proper time to cook over a very low heat, Do Not Rush your Dinner. Let your house fill with the scent of a homely roast having mouths watering with anticipation.  

Nutrition facts:
  • Prep Time: 24 hours
  • Cook time: 4.25 hours
  • Yield: 4-6 8-10 oz

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